Write english equivalents for these russian word combinations другой город другие животные

Контрольная работа на тему «Pages of History: Linking Past and Present» Unit 1

to begin or create, to start to happen

to catch someone so that they became their prisoner

to succeed in doing what you planned to do

modern or relating to the present time

a chance to do smth

to write articles for a newspaper

to write a description of smth that can be read in future

happening or coming after smth else

to know what is happening

2. Complete the sentences using the words from the box in their right forms:

I don’t think Ann will be able … this tiger. It’s not a cub any more.

Years of waiting … in tearful reunion.

Please, … this money to the victims of flood.

This woman was very … in reducing waste.

The … of diplomatic relations between these two countries improved the situation in that area.

The soldiers shot down our plane and … us.

These songs … from a concert during last year’s season.

Charles Darwin was … with Karl Max.

My … destination was Paris.

His parents didn’t think he would … from further study.

3. Insert the necessary prepositions to make these sentences complete:

in for from of to (3) with

This news is available … anyone.

My friends were aware … the difficulties that might happen.

Are you available … a meeting next week?

We contributed clothing … homeless families.

Did you benefit … your holidays?

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Ludwig van Beethoven was contemporary … Napoleon.

Some insects are beneficial … plants.

The 20 th century witnessed a lot of outstanding achievements … science.

4. Open the brackets using Present Continuous or Present Indefinite:

What physicists (study)?

I’m not sure at what time exactly Ann’s train (to arrive).

You (to sing)? – When I was younger, I used to. But now I (to get) old.

I am so angry! Mike always (to talk) at my lessons!

The Easter celebration (to start) at 5 p.m.

What you (to think) about? –I (think) about my future job.

He constantly (to play) the violin at night!

5. Complete these sentences with the right article where necessary:

George Noel Gordon, … Lord Byron, was a poet.

… film director Alexey Krasovskiy is working at his new film.

Who was … President of the USA in 1945?

In 1837 …Queen Victoria came to the throne.

… modern man is responsible for a lot of disastrous events on the Earth.

He was … very handsome man.

I won’t see Mr. Johnson again. I don’t like … man.

6. Choose the right words to complete the sentences:

Turn left (at, in) the end of the road.

(At, in) the end he had to admit his mistake.

Did you arrive at the concert (in, on) time?

She is never (in, on) time for dinner.

We had dinner and helped mother with washing up (after, afterwards).

The heat (for, during) the summer of 2015 was hardly bearable for people.

7. Use the function words at, on, out, up and complete the sentences:

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Have you picked … a dress for the party?

George picked … a plate of cheese for supper, he wasn’t hungry.

They pick … our trash once a week.

Bullies often pick … younger children.

I’ll pick you … at your place at 4.

I don’t know where my children have picked … those rude words.

8. Give plurals for these nouns. Where possible give 2 versions:

a shelf, a mouse, a roof, an analysis, an ox, a cactus, a photo, a criterion, a bus, a datum, a genius, a potato, a phenomenon, a stratum, a woman, an index, a city, a boy, a deer, a tooth, a dog

9. Give English equivalents for these Russian combinations of words:

10. Match the English words and word combinations with the Russian equivalents, one is extra:

to conduct hostilities

to declare war on another country

to repel the enemy’s attack

to suffer heavy casualties

to invade the enemy’s territory

to lay siege to its cities

to become refugees

to become hostages

отражать атаки врага

вести военные действия

штаб, главное управление

объявить войну какой-либо стране

захватить территорию врага

нести тяжелые потери

11. Write these numbers using words. Mind the contexts:

The number of my credit card is 001 777 486.

The temperature today is about 0˚ Fahrenheit.

He was born in the year 2007.

My telephone number is 555-34-67-00

This poet was born in 1900.

I can see the number: 3 851.

My great–grandmother was born in 1909.

Do you sing, am getting

are you thinking, am thinking

a historical novel

a history department

double oh one treble seven four eight six

two thousand (and) seven

treble five three four six seven double oh

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three thousand eight hundred and fifty- one

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